Wrist and Ankle Weights

Wearable Fitness Weights for Running, Walking, or Strength Training

Comfortable & Stylish

Comfortable & Stylish.

Chiropractor Recommended

After testing Inka Bands I found them to be an excellent form of continuous resistance for the body. They are comfortable and at 500gms each, they can be worn for long periods of time to facilitate strength conditioning, improve joint range of motion and to enhance fat burning. Wearing ankle / wrist bands allows the human body to move through normal motion patterns with no risk of injury. My daughter has found them brilliant for her ballet training. I can highly recommend Inka Bands.

Dr Michael Higgins - Registered Chiropractor

Perfect for building muscle & burning fat.

Inka Bands are Preferred Suppliers to The Exercise Association of New Zealand.

Whether walking, running, swimming, yoga or pilates, working out at home or down at the gym, we've got you covered.

Perfect weights for older people.

My Inka's are for the gym and I know that they look great while I'm working out. Comfy too (-: 


"Inka Bands are great for strength conditioning for my ballet training. They are very comfortable to wear, easily adjustable, portable and stylish. I love them." 


Once you take them off, it feels like your arms are floating.....so light. So you know they were doing the business.  


Love Inka Bands for my home yoga sessions. You really do feel the extra burn! 


Working hard


would be even better with some Inkas

NZ Olympic Gymnast Courtney McGregor enjoying a training session at home with her Inka Bands.

Wear Inka's wherever you like. Home. Garden. Gym. The beach. Your Inka Bands look great anywhere and will add resistance to whatever activity you choose.