Why You Should Try Inka Bands Wrist & Ankle Weights

Using wrist and/or ankle weights to provide increased resistance during workouts is one of the best ways of achieving fast results. Inka Bands are a perfect choice since you can secure them in place, and this allows you to concentrate on your workout without dropping anything or over-gripping.

Research on the use of wrist weights for a variety of aerobic exercises such as walking or traditional & step aerobics is very consistent, according to The American Council of Exercise (ACE). By adding 1 to 3 pound (450g – 1.36kg) wrist weights to an exercise routine, you can increase your heart rate by 5 to 10 beats per minute, and oxygen consumption (as well as calorie expenditure) by between 5 and 15 percent.

The wrist weights that you decide to wear should not be heavy, and at 500 grams each, Inka bands are perfect. Heavier weights are not recommended as they may place an undue stress on arm and shoulder muscles as well as joints.

Wrist and/or ankle weights are perfect for those who want a little more than just a regular workout, but are not looking to change it up drastically. If you are comfortable walking at 5 kilometres per hour for instance, and you do not want to increase the pace, wearing Inka Bands can provide you with the fitness benefits of a much more strenuous walk.