About Us

We believe that wrist and ankle weights should not only be effective, but should look great too.

The idea for INKA BANDS came about in late March 2020, while sitting at home in Auckland due to the first Covid-19 lockdown, there was a conversation about exercise options. Maggie liked going to Yoga or Pilates classes but was also happy doing these at home. Wayne, being not much older (but significantly creakier to a long term back injury) preferred light exercise such as walks or gardening. Jade meanwhile loves workouts at the gym, which were no longer possible under lockdown. 

Conversation turned to exercise gear and accessories. What bit of gear could we all use for our different interests? It was agreed that wrist and ankle weights would be a great idea as they are basically "set and forget", while every move would provide added resistance to burn fat and build muscle, whether just gentle walking or a full on workout session.

Google searches ensued. Yes, there were a number of products in the local market, but they were variously "not pretty", certainly not fashionable, & in most cases not particularly comfortable.

Imagine, we thought, having bought a flash new set of activewear from Lorna Jane or Lulu Lemon or one of the other great active wear brands we are blessed with in New Zealand & Australia. And then strapping canvass sandbags to your wrists when working out. Yuk! And try popping down to the cafe with those on!

Using our overseas contacts we searched for a better solution, and eventually the idea for INKA BANDS was born. After much backwards and forwards with instructions and samples, testing during our own and friends workouts, and feedback from industry professionals, we are now able to offer you the best looking and most comfortable ankle and wrist bands on the market today.

So don't be shy, grab your INKA's now, & LOOK GREAT WHILE YOU SWEAT!

By the way, we are not a drop shipping business. All stock is held in Auckland and couriered out to you within 1 business day of receiving your completed order, meaning you will generally receive your Inka Bands within 2-3 business days of placing your order for NZ customers, and 3-6 days for Australian customers (subject to availability). 

INKA BANDS are marketed by McKenzie Distribution Ltd, a New Zealand owned and operated company established in 2017 and a part of Mckenzie Group New Zealand Ltd.

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