What are Inka Bands made of?
Inkas are solid recycled stainless steel weights wrapped in luxuriously soft 100% latex. Many wrist and ankle weights are filled with iron, lead powder or sand. These have a tendency to puncture or come apart at the seams causing a mess while also in many cases being bad for the environment. You will never have these problems with your Inkas. Avoid low quality knock-offs!
Are there different sizes?
Inka Bands are wearable wrist and ankle weights that are fully adjustable with a tough but comfortable velcro strap.
How tight should I wear them?
Your Inka bands should fit snugly. Don’t fit them too tightly as this can cause discomfort.
So Inka Bands are hands free?
Yes, Inka Bands are wearable weights. This allows you to add resistance to your exercise session while keeping your hands free. Great news for OSH (Occupational Health and Safety). This is great for anyone of any age, but is especially beneficial for those that may have a reduced hand grip due to factors such as arthritis.
Are wrist and ankle weights effective?
Using weights during any workout is a great way to achieve results. Inka Bands are an excellent choice because they are secured in place, allowing you to focus on your workout without over-gripping or dropping anything. Check out our “The Science” page for a great article on the benefits of Inka Bands written by 
Emilina Lomas, Nutritionist & Exercise Scientist (MSc, BSc, A.Nutr.), & Health Writer.

Are wrist and ankle weights good for walking?
Yes. Even simply walking around with them on your feet can make a difference. Wearing ankle weights can add impact forces, which may help with maintaining bone density according to Michele Olson, Ph.D., an exercise physiologist and adjunct professor at Huntingdon College in Montgomery, AL. This is especially beneficial for older people.

But don’t wrist weights change the way you walk or run, potentially causing stress or injury?
Wearing wrist weights can lead to muscle imbalance as you swing your arms back and forth, potentially resulting in joint and tendon injuries in wrists, elbows, shoulders and neck. Inka Bands however are only 500g each and so you get all the benefits of the added resistance but not the risks associated with heavier weights.
Same question as above for ankle weights?
Wearing ankle weights can alter your stride, causing muscle imbalance, and placing stress on the lower back or pelvis. Inka Bands however are only 500g each and so you get all the benefits of the added resistance but not the risk associated with heavier weights.
So I could just wear them around the house then?
Yes if you prefer. Fitness trainers do recommend wrist and ankle weights while doing house chores. By simply wearing them about the house you burn calories, build muscle & increase bone density.
Can I wear Inka Bands while swimming?
Inkas are waterproof so yes, you can wear them swimming. Using ankle weights while swimming can actually strengthen ankle and knee joints. 
Drop-shipping is slow. Are you a drop-shipping business?
No, definitely not. All stock is held in Auckland & coming soon with Amazon Australia.
So no long delivery times then?
Orders are generally sent out within 1 business day of being received. You will have your Inka bands shortly after that. Drop-shippers on the other hand have no stock of their own and so your order would be placed with an overseas supplier. Delivery can be weeks, and in some cases months away.